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What is SpiroFIT?

Home of America's Elite Fitness Experts. We provide Fitness, YogaPilates and BOSU® classes online for all shapes, sizes and ages.

SpiroFIT is a live-streaming fitness solutions for individuals, gyms, clubs and corporations. We are dedicated to creating and improving fitness at all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Our inspiration comes from our desire to serve people who are actively working out and want to take fitness to a whole new level, as well as those have not had access or the resources to receive elite fitness training until now. We’re not about gimmicky “get fit quick” promises; we’re about real solutions based on years of experience, innovation and research. We feel lucky to have the top fitness leaders join us on our mission, which is to transform how individuals integrate fitness and health into their lives in a sustainable way. From our world famous trainers to our end product, we work hard to provide an excellent service to our members. Our production company, headed by an Emmy-nominated producer, utilizes state of the art HD production equipment to create high end broadcasts that deliver the best and newest fitness content every week. With a large archive of classes and an ability to add 20 to 30 classes every month, our programs are consistently engaging, innovative and effective. We are proud to be among Shape magazine’s top fitness trends to watch in 2013. We hope you will join us in our quest to help you get fit for life!

SpiroFIT provides live-streaming fitness solutions for individuals, gyms, clubs and corporations.